Women who Kaddish

A space to Glorify spirit // where femininity can run wild // in communication // with her Creator

Women who Kaddish is an attempt to normalize the voices of women processing grief. 

We want to gift women a platform to share their mourning experience. This project will document our voices and stories through interviews, portraits, and prayer, culminating in an artistic expression of the stories we gather. 

Enough is enough with being silenced in the back of a minyan, ridden with twisted-knot-in-stomach anxiety, wondering if today will be different, if just maybe we can recite kaddish without being rushed, or muffled or asked to say it quieter. 

Maybe you never said kaddish and want to reclaim that experience? 

Maybe you’ve had mostly comforting + empowering experiences saying kaddish and want to share that energy with other women? 

Either way…

We are the messengers of these holy words so let us proclaim them with the divine dignity they demand and let us elevate the souls we are mourning.


About Mati and Meirav 


Mati Engel is currently pursuing her Masters in Theology at the University of Chicago. She splits her time between her academic pursuits and community-based art. In 2014, Mati was named a "36 under 36" by the Jewish Week, after having successfully co-produced the "What I Be: Jews of NYC" photo series, which sent currents of controversy and conversations addressing mental health and social stigmas in the Jewish community.

With her studies and artistic pursuits, Mati is bridging the world of ideas and religious thought into the public discourse, utilizing the arts as a medium for community and connection. Mati was born in England, raised in Borough Park, Brooklyn and the Five towns.


Meirav Ong is an artist and seeker of goodness. Her art is a never-ending exploration of human connection and identity. through visual language of form and mark-making. She is also the cofounder of The Creative Healing Collective, a community providing workshops in creative therapies for people processing the loss of a loved one. And she’s addicted to everything glitter.